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Name: Bipolar Disorder

ISBN Number: 9781935273622

Author: Edward T Welch

Publisher: CCEF

Price: R25.00

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Everyone feels better some days than others—but some people struggle with exaggerated and unrestrained mood swings. These kinds of mood swings have come to be known as mania, manic-depression, or bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is confusing and difficult both for those who struggle with it and for those who care for them.

Edward T. Welch acknowledges how difficult bipolar disorder is for everyone involved, describes its effects, and then applies God's Word to this serious, life-dominating struggle. When those who have bipolar disorder learn to understand the challenges of mania and depend on God instead of their own impressions, then mania will not stand in the way of their having rich relationships with God and others.

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